Claw vacuum pump long term heating causes


No matter how good the performance of any equipment, there will be a variety of problems after using for a period of time. Although the overall performance of the claw vacuum pump is very good, many users still report that the vacuum pump will generate heat after using for a period of time. Of course, if the heating temperature is within the controllable range, it is caused by long-time work, but if it is out of range The value within the range is abnormal, which will affect the normal use. In order to solve this problem, let’s take a look at the specific causes of vacuum pump heating and how to solve it.

Claw type vacuum pump has been used in the production of industrial equipment, usually after a long-term use, sometimes there will be found phenomenon, which is caused by what reason? In the later use, what kind of impact will it have on production?

The heating causes of claw vacuum pump are as follows:

1. The amount of circulating water in claw type vacuum pump is too small. Circulating water has two uses: one is to cool the vacuum pump; the other is that water forms a water ring in the pump cavity under the rotation of the impeller, and the air compresses the air in the water ring under the rotation of the impeller.

2。 The temperature of the gas absorbed is higher, and the vacuum degree of the circulating water is lower than 30 degrees。 After continuous operation for one day, the vacuum pump is the same as the kettle for boiling water at home。 The scale is generated in the pump。 After the impeller is difficult to operate, the friction increases and causes heating。

Methods for eliminating heat of claw type vacuum pump:

1. If the motor passport is removed, whether the fan fin of the rotating motor can operate flexibly, that is, there is no scale. If it is difficult to operate, dismantle the exhaust pipe of the pump, and use a hand lamp to check whether there is scale inside. If the scale is generated, the impeller will be difficult to operate, and the motor will be burned, and the spring of mechanical seal will be easily locked on the shaft due to scale, and the end face will not be automatically replenished after the end face is worn, Cause leakage of mechanical seal and burn motor.

2. Claw type vacuum pump is an air pump, which allows a small amount of liquid. If the material absorbed contains a large amount of water, a buffer tank should be installed in front of the pump. If a large amount of water is inhaled, the impeller will be broken.

3. Attention: the vacuum pump must be installed with overload protector to prevent overload from burning the motor. The connecting pipeline should not be thinned by 70%. If the pipeline is too thin and the drainage is not smooth, the motor will be overheated and over current.

Generally, when we use claw vacuum pump, we should find solutions according to these reasons, as well as the correct operation in the later use process.

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