Polystyrene used in vacuum system


Polystyrene (PS)
Polystyrene resin, known as Poly(Colors) in English, is mainly used for foam molding, and used for insulation, shockproof, packaging materials and floating products. General purpose (R) for packaging materials; Flame retardant (F) is suitable for construction and thermal insulation materials. Polystyrene is easy to be machined and has the advantages of transparency, low cost, rigidity, insulation and good printing. Can be widely used in light industry market, daily decoration, lighting instructions and packaging. In the electrical aspect is the good insulation material and the heat insulation heat preservation material, may manufacture each kind of instrument housing, the lamp shade, the optical chemical instrument parts, the transparent film, the capacitor medium layer and so on.

Polystyrene (PS)

In the production process of polystyrene resin, vacuum equipment is used。 Typical vacuum systems are as follows:

Application field

PS polystyrene resin production vacuum system

Application Overview:
Process parameters: normal inlet pressure is 133Pa, outlet pressure is 1bar (a), suction rate: 7820m3/h
Transport medium: air + styrene + ethylbenzene
Explosion-proof grade: ExD Ⅱ BT4.
These components are specifically flammable and explosive, so the requirements for the unit are relatively high: 1. 3; Zero leakage.

According to the customer to provide conditions, we recommend customers to use roots liquid ring unit; The maximum pumping speed was 7820m3/hr.

The main characteristics of Roots booster pump are: can be used in direct connection, or belt pulley drive to correspond to the customer’s different pumping speed requirements; The five-point mechanical seal ensures that the pump chamber is clean and oil-free, and ensures zero leakage of inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful gases. The mechanical seal is equipped with Kalz O-ring, which can ensure the seal safety and corrosion resistance. Frequency conversion control is adopted for energy saving and voltage stabilizing of the system.

Case summary
The stable control of the air tightness, temperature, pumping volume and pressure of the system ensures the long-term stable operation of the vacuum system.

Photos of the scene

Polystyrene used in vacuum system

Polystyrene used in vacuum system

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