Roots blower in thermal power plant types and characteristics


There are many kinds of roots blower used in thermal power plants, and each has its own characteristics. Today, I will briefly talk to you about what kind of Roots blower has what characteristics.

Boiler induced draft blower: exhaust is the boiler coal, fuel gas. In case of coal-fired boiler, anti-wear measures shall be taken for the blade and inner wall of casing of induced draft fan; for heavy oil fired boiler, attention shall be paid to low-temperature corrosion caused by sulfur content in exhaust gas, and the fan blade shall be protected. If the induced draft fan is centrifugal, the bearing box should be equipped with cooling device because the exhaust temperature is as high as 150 ℃.

Boiler blower: the conveying medium is air. There are two types of centrifugal blower and axial fan. In the centrifugal fan, the wing type blade should be selected, and the imported guide vane adjustment mode should be adopted. For the large type of blower, the axial flow fan with adjustable frozen blade should be selected. In the ventilation mode of blast, the noise is high due to the high pressure, so there must be noise elimination device.

Gas circulating blower: for the gas transported and flue gas in the boiler, due to the high temperature of the boiler flue gas, it is required to have a certain heat resistance strength and structure, the blade shall be provided with anti-wear measures, and the bearing box shall be equipped with water cooling device. In order to prevent thermal deformation during parking, turning gear is often installed. The fan is of centrifugal type. The air volume is 4600-16000 M / min and the air pressure is 1700-4000pa.

彩63彩票官网Flue gas desulfurization blower: the exhaust gas is boiler flue gas. This kind of fan is centrifugal and installed in front of the desulfurization device, which is the same as the induced draft fan; when it is installed behind the fan, the corrosive gas is pumped, so the corrosion-resistant material is used.

Pulverized coal blower: it is the fan for boiler to blow pulverized coal, which adopts centrifugal type. Although the pulverized coal does not pass through the impeller directly, wear-resistant measures must be taken for the blade, such as hardfacing or spraying with wear-resistant welding rod, chemical treatment or special treatment with silicon carbide, limestone and other materials.

彩63彩票官网blower for atomic power generation furnace: centrifugal blower and axial flow fan are commonly used. The air volume is small, between 850-1400m3 / min, and the air pressure is also low. In consideration of the safe operation of the atomic power generation furnace, to prevent failures, special attention should be paid to the manufacturing quality and correct operation of the blower.

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