water ring vacuum pump insufficient suction causes


After a period of use, the water ring vacuum pump needs some routine maintenance and cleaning, which can not only prolong the service life of the vacuum pump, but also improve the good working environment of the vacuum pump. Then, in the process of using the vacuum pump, sometimes there are reasons for the lack of vacuum. Then why do these problems occur? What are the reliable methods to solve these problems? The EVP vacuum pump manufacturer will take you to understand the causes and solutions of the vacuum pump suction shortage.

1。 Pipeline leakage。 Sometimes the pipeline will leak due to different reasons, which needs to find an experienced person to eliminate the inspection, timely repair welding, so as to avoid more leakage。

2。 Pump leakage。 This shows that there is a problem with the vacuum pump itself, which place should be checked for leakage, and then welding to repair the leakage。

3. The water supply temperature of water ring vacuum pump is high. Long time use of vacuum pump, continuous operation, the equipment itself is easy to appear such a phenomenon. At this time, we need to stop the equipment, let it rest for a few minutes and cool it down.

4. The vacuum pressure of vacuum pump is the same, the difference is just the size of flow. If the vacuum pressure is not enough, the suction cup can be enlarged.

5. If there is a large air leakage during adsorption, the flow rate should be increased by increasing the vacuum pump; if the force is not enough, the adsorption area should be increased; if the adsorption area is large, the thin plate will deform, which should be multiple adsorption ports.

6. The vacuum pump and the motor were burnt out. The inner bearing of the motor is damaged, the pump head is stuck, and the motor coil is locked. The coupling of the burned pump head and the motor coupling is too tight;

彩63彩票官网7。 The vacuum pump smokes and injects oil。 Exhaust filter failure;

8。 The vacuum pump degree is insufficient。 The blade is worn or the blade cannot be thrown out, and the seal is aging and leaking。 There is too little oil in the vacuum pump * the pipeline is leaking or the air inlet is blocked;

9。 The vacuum pump makes abnormal noise。 Blade damage, bearing damage * end cover and rotor wear, motor bearing damage;

10. The vacuum pump leaks oil. Seal aging, exhaust filter aging failure.

The above is the water ring type vacuum pump suction insufficient reason and the solution detailed introduction, causes the equipment suction insufficiency actually has many kinds, but no matter which kind, has the corresponding solution to be able to carry on the processing, therefore, the corresponding knowledge also needs us to have a lot of understanding, only then can better improve the work efficiency of this kind of equipment, avoids the unnecessary trouble Now.

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