What are the applications of vacuum pump in papermaking industry


In paper industry, vacuum pump can be used in many industrial processes. This time, EVP vacuum pump manufacturers and everyone to understand the vacuum pump in the paper industry can be applied to what aspects.

Vacuum filtration is a process application which is more involved in papermaking industry, so vacuum pump will be used. The specific links include coarse pulp washer for removing some chemical substances in pulp, lime mud filter for recovering lime in white water clarification process, sediment filter for filtering and extracting particulate compounds in green liquor (concentrated black liquor dissolved in water or diluted detergent after melting), and vacuum dehydrator for increasing raw material concentration. The vacuum filtration involved in this process is generally horizontal drum vacuum filter.

Then there is the vacuum evaporation of the black liquor. Black liquor is a kind of wastewater produced in the process of papermaking. It is called black liquor because it contains lignin and is dark brown. There is a black liquor evaporator in the pulp mill. The black liquor produced in the pulp cleaning process is concentrated by vacuum evaporation, which is convenient for the recovery furnace to recycle the chemical agents.

Raw material and white water (waste water from papermaking section is white because it contains short and fine fibers and other substances added into pulp, so it is named) degassing system。

The raw material and white water degassing system is used in the raw material stage。 Through the vacuum system, the air in the raw material and the air from the dilution water are removed before the raw material enters the headbox。 If the air is not removed, pinholes will appear on the paper, which will affect the printing quality and mechanical properties of the paper。

The 彩63彩票官网vacuum pump in the mixing box. The compressor / vacuum pump in the air cushion type headbox is used to generate a pressure / vacuum above the level of the raw material in the headbox, control the static head of the headbox and control the discharge speed of the raw material to the maximum extent.

The suction tank and the couch roll are matched with a vacuum pump。 The suction tank is a static equipment, which is used for pulp dewatering in the forming section of the paper machine。 The suction tank is equipped with a vacuum box, and there is a separator between the suction tank。 The vacuum pump creates vacuum in the vacuum box to make the dehydration more efficient。 The underlying roller is the last vacuum point on the forming section, and part of the moisture is removed by the vacuum force。 The dryness of the paper will affect the dehydration performance of the press section and the steam consumption of the drying section when it comes out of the couch roll。

Vacuum press。 The vacuum roller or non vacuum roller will be used to extract the moisture of the paper when it enters the press section。 At the same time, vacuum drawing may be used in the paper drawing process。

In the process of pressing, the water extracted from the press will enter into the wool cloth or blanket. Before entering the next pressing process after completing a continuous cycle, the water and other pollutants need to be removed through the vacuum suction tank.

In papermaking process, the above processes may involve the application of vacuum pump. Of course, because of the limited knowledge of the industry, it may not be complete. You can pay attention to it when you contact it.

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